Weston is truly one of the most picturesque towns in Vermont, a charming tourist destination that’s home to the Vermont Country Store and that boasts an old-fashioned grist mill and adorable town green with a gazebo. It’s also home to the Weston Playhouse, in case you didn’t know, Vermont has a thriving theatre community in summertime, it’s home to many small theatres and playhouses that often feature celebrity actors (because let’s face it, if you’re famous Vermont is the perfect place to hide out, no one will bother you here, it’s peaceful and quiet and Vermonters are not easily impressed by fame and wealth, they actually look at you funny if you roll up in a fancy SUV – though they’re certainly happy to take your tourist dollars and who can blame them?!).

There are actually a few retail options in Weston, clearly the people are smart and want to capitalize on the Vermont Country Store, across the street is the Weston Village Store, which is super, super touristy: reeks of patchouli, has every kind of mug, souvenir spoon, fudge flavor etc. you could want, to be honest it’s a bit junky but I do have to give them a shoutout because (a) people on busses often like this kind of thing and (b) the owners are soooo nice, I mean, I’m sure they don’t want to be selling a bunch of tacky crap made in China but they’ve got to make a living too! We actually bought a couple of fantastic vintage ski signs there to hang in our guest room, for Bromley and Stratton our closest ski mountains, so those are super cute, they’re mounted on wood and look fantastic. And also if you’re looking for the iconic green circle VT sticker or an 802 sticker or any kind of bumper sticker for your favorite ski mountain, they’ve got you covered. I totally shop there it’s just a bit touristy for my taste! And then next door to that is the Christmas store, it was closed for the season (I think the owners went to Florida which was smart ha ha) but I’m sure it’s filled with every Christmas item you could imagine, and imo ornaments do make great little gifts and souvenirs!

There are a few highlights to Weston and you only need an hour or two to capture them all. There’s the Vermont Country Store of course, and you can read my full post and review of the store here. You must visit the town green (and you really can’t miss it), a gentleman told my husband while I was shooting it that winter is pretty much the only time you can get a shot of the gazebo without a person in the photo (and we were there on an absolutely frigid, single-digit day so obviously there was not a soul out, which was lucky for my photographs but not so lucky for my fingers lol!). But it’s a charming green bordered by the most picturesque New England homes.

If you make a left at the town green, coming from the west, and drive up the hill, you will see a lovely river and waterfall bordered on your left.

And then just east of the green is a lovely old-fashioned grist mill and the Farrar-Mansar House museum which is just a motherlode of picturesque photo ops.

Weston is a short drive to another fabulous town, Jamaica, you can zip over on Route 100 (known as “Vermont’s Main Street” or “The Skier’s Highway”) and both of these towns are so picturesque and filled with gorgeous photo ops, so in any season, enjoy!