I recently learned about Ludlow from a Yankee Magazine article about some of the best towns in Vermont, and after visiting I’d have to heartily agree! We had an errand to run in Weston last weekend so I figured we’d pop over to Ludlow for lunch afterwards. It’s about 15 miles of very pretty scenery between the two towns (well, I mean, everything in Vermont is pretty lol) and I was so glad we did! So Ludlow is the home to Okemo ski mountain, I’ve been around Stratton, Bromley and Magic but I had never been anywhere close to Okemo, and let me just say, it is a whopper! I know that Killington is the really big resort in Vermont but it’s much farther north, and Stowe is pretty big too, but if you live in New York or Connecticut and don’t want to drive all the way up to those mountains, Okemo is a great choice.

It was pretty hazy so you can’t really see but that’s Okemo off in the distance.

Ludlow isn’t quite as picturesque as Weston, the main street is a little more commercial but it’s probably more liveable for this reason. We also had heard there was lots of great dining in Ludlow, if you look on Yelp! there’s about 15 restaurants, I’m thinking they mostly cater to skiers, we had a nice pub lunch at Killarney’s and got there before the ski crowd, the food was pretty good and it’s a festive, après-ski kind of atmosphere. And they have a popcorn machine, yay!

So it’s a great place to stop for lunch. If you come into town from the Weston side, make a right at the traffic light and you can drive up to the village green, and then back behind that there are lots of pretty and picturesque houses, including this lovely church.

So if you’re driving around the towns, hamlets and gores of southern Vermont, make Ludlow your lunch stop! There’s also a few nice tiny, tiny towns close by, like Andover and Chester as well and the countryside is marvelous. And I’d love to hear from anyone who skis at Okemo, leave me a comment and give me the ski scoop!