Right down the road from Weston you’ll find Jamaica, Vermont, quite possibly one of the prettiest towns in southern Vermont.

As you crest the hill down into Jamaica, you will see one of the most spectacular vistas I’ve experienced here, I actually risked getting mowed down by ten thousand SUVs from New York and New Jersey to get these shots (Jamaica is nestled close to Stratton, Bromley and Magic Mountain ski resorts), it’s a gorgeous bridge over the most stunning and tranquil rivers, photos could never do it justice, it really has to be seen to be experienced. Apparently during Hurricane Irene, the bridge was actually washed out, and the Jamaicans (if that’s what they call them?!) persevered in true Vermont fashion, exhibiting the neighborly love and hardiness that are hallmarks of native Vermonters.

I don’t really know what there is to eat in Jamaica, I haven’t done that great with restaurant scouting but I guess that’s what Yelp! is for, the Workhorse Cafe is right there on the Main Street and we stopped in for an okay latte and a delicious cookie, but I will say the pot of homemade mac and cheese they had sitting on the counter looked ah-mazing. I’m not sure it’s a real restaurant destination though, so maybe best to eat elsewhere and just enjoy the gorgeous views.

The highlight of our trip to Jamaica though was when I was getting these shots of the darling town hall, an old man in a beat up pickup truck slowed, then stopped for me, and gave me the biggest smile and wave. I was looking very Basic that day in my plaid scarf and full makeup, and I thought that maybe the locals would hate tourists coming into their town (and let’s face it, people from New Jersey speed lol!!), but he seemed so happy that I was there to capture and share the pristine beauty of this charming hamlet, it was just a touching moment that really stayed with me, and I highly recommend you experience the beauty and charm of the un-aptly named Jamaica for yourself!