One of Vermont’s top tourist attractions can be found in Weston. If you happen to be the kind of person who does group tours, you will 150% come to Weston so don’t worry about that, ha ha, because it’s the home of the Vermont Country Store. You might have shopped at the Vermont Country Store from their catalog, but the store itself really must be experienced in person! You could easily spend an hour or two there, it’s so beautifully decorated and a true lifestyle experience besides just being a store.

There’s a clearance section upstairs, and a cider and hot chocolate bar. You can easily shop online but you’d miss the pleasure of browsing the aisles (and if it’s winter, getting a break from the cold!).

It’s definitely a little on the pricey side, which is to be expected for what it is, I personally wouldn’t do any real shopping here but it’s so much fun to grab a cup of cider and browse the aisles.

And if you’re feeling peckish, Mildred’s Grill is attached to the store, according to Yelp!, this used to be called the Bryant House and the reviews were rave, but apparently it has faded to mediocre at best, however if you’re hungry I guess food is food, right?! I would recommend visiting the Vermont Country Store in the off season (January, February, March), I’ve never been in the tourist high season but I would bet at peak fall weekends the experience is not nearly so pleasant. But if you’re in Southern Vermont you would be remiss not to check it out, and then the rest of the year you can enjoy browsing their website and catalog for fun retro items and other hand-made Vermont goodies!