A little bit out of the way, Grafton Vermont is one of the nicest, most classic New England towns. Unfortunately it’s not necessarily on the road to anywhere really, but it makes for a wonderful side trip!

The Grafton Inn anchors the small town of Grafton, and it has an attached restaurant for dining as well. There’s a small country store and fire station, but each home is immaculate and charming. You can also enjoy the Grafton Trails and Outdoor Center in all seasons.

If you are coming from SW Vermont, you can take Route 121, which is a dirt road (be forewarned) over to Grafton from Londonderry. It can be close to impassable in winter, but in all other seasons, it makes for absolutely spectacular photography, there are some beautiful, beautiful barns and fields along the way, it’s a rural photographer’s dream! You can plan to spend about an hour in Grafton, it’s really that small, but as you can see, totally worth the trip!