So there’s not a lot of great restaurants in SW Vermont, our favorite restaurant is probably The Publyk House in Bennington, it’s a very old-fashioned, Yankee-style restaurant with gorgeous views (if you get a reservation, ask for a table by the window!). I am not ashamed to say that I love a good, tourist-trap type of New England restaurant, I’m still new enough here that I’m charmed by it. But last weekend, we made a discovery right down the road from us in Williamstown, MA, the 6 House Pub.

It’s right off of Rte. 7 in Williamstown, we were going to go to The Lantern in Pittsfield instead but the timing didn’t work out, and we were so happy to discover The 6 House. It’s actually part of a B and B (and actually it’s more of a motel than a B and B so be aware, I don’t think the inn itself is a house, it’s more like 2 motels on different sides of the road. Anyway! I can only speak to the pub part, and I was excited because it will be great when people come to visit, it’s so traditionally New England that it will be a fantastic place to take like, my mom, when she visits. It has a lovely patio and fire pit, seeing as it was January we of course did not sit outside, but I image in summer it’s packed out here. And the interior is just full of country inn charm, fireplaces, old wingback chairs (you can request the wingback chairs when you make a reservation). My only complaint was that it smelled a little bit, which I guess is just because it’s old, but you really noticed it when you walked in. I got used to it of course.

The service was fine, you have to learn, in Vermont, that you can’t have the expectations for service that you would have in a big city, it’s slower and the servers aren’t as on point as they are say in Boston of course. Jim loves a traditional turkey dinner, and I overheard a server say to another table that the special was a turkey dinner, but when our server came over, I had to ask her about it, and she said they didn’t have turkey! Hmmmm. Anyway, she did check and it turned out that indeed they had the turkey dinner, so Jim ordered that and it was great, a huge plate of food, they do not skimp on the portions (and neither does The Publyk House, their prices are just a bit higher because they have an all-you-eat salad bar. Which is like, old-fashioned and awesome incidentally).

I ordered the prime rib which is their Saturday special and it was wonderful. I am such a huge connoisseur of prime rib, and I decided to splash out and have it. I ordered it medium rare and it was perfect, salty, tangy crust and bloody tender inside, delish! So you can check out their menu online, they have the basics and then they also have a pretty large selection of burgers and sandwiches, this place definitely won’t break the bank! Maybe the slight smell was because we were having mud season in January but either way, I’m definitely adding the 6’s Pub to my go-to list when I want to remember why I live in New England after all!