Vermont has two quiet seasons, also known as Stick Season and Mud Season. While these aren’t official seasons that the Department of Tourism would recognize ha, because there’s nothing nice about them, but they do have a beauty all their own.

Stick season is in November, all the foliage is gone, it hasn’t started to snow yet, and it’s very gray and bare. And mud season is in March and April, the snow trails off, but trust me, do not come in March, there is nary a bloom to be found! In April you might just start to see crocuses and forsythia, but Vermont in spring is not a pretty place. It’s bleak, cold and blustery. That said, it’s kind of nice though if you’re into winter sports, same as with November, it’s a nice break after all of the fall foliage festivals, and to rest up for the holiday season. And if you love winter and are into winter sports like me, March and April can be a time to clean up your skis and start switching over from the hardcore winter gear (I put away my Canada Goose in April). It’s too early and dangerous to hike, same with most trail biking and summery sports, and too cold most days for golf and tennis. So there’s not a ton to do.

But if you make the most of every season like I do (golf and tennis in summer, skiing in winter and running year ’round), you learn to appreciate the quiet seasons, and use them to rest and regroup for Vermont at its height of beauty!