It’s happening… a winter with no snow!  I cannot even believe it is mid-January already and we have hardly had any of the white stuff.  I figured living in Vermont one thing you would at least be assured of would be a nice cold and snowy winter, sure, I get that it vascillates and not ever winter has copious snowfall, but this year it’s been like we have gotten zip, zilch, nada!


I mean don’t get me wrong, we’ve gotten a shower or two, and I scavenged together a few posts but it has been slim pickin’s!  I might love winter more than anyone I know.  Let’s start with Nordic skiing, cross-country ski resorts don’t generally make their own snow, so they are completely reliant on Mother Nature.  And Nordic skiing is not a big money-making business either so a lot of them are mom and pop, small businesses and this really hurts them.  In my ideal winter, I ski first thing every morning, and spend the rest of day working, happy and tired.

I love to be cold (even though I’m really never cold), I love when it gets dark early, I love the cozy nights and peace and quiet of winter.  No one socializes in Vermont in winter, I would be shocked if someone had a party here anytime between New Year’s Day and Memorial Day ha ha, we just stay inside.  So I for one save up my Netflix shows and do lots of cooking at home and it’s such a nice break.  I also love the drama of storms, and the challenge of day to day winter life.  Nothing is easy here in winter, but it keeps you sharp.

I’m hoping we’ll have a crazy February and March, and this winter lover will be happy if not I might have to move to Canada!