What could make you look smarter than the Periodic Table of Elements hanging on the wall in your Zoom background?!  Ha ha it also might make you better at Jeopardy! too.  Since the pandemic, and our worldwide transition to working from home, I personally have put more thought than ever into my home office decor, and really my whole home.  If you follow my blog you know that I’m big on artwork and wall coverings, when we built our house I wanted everything super simple as far as paint and finishes, because I knew I would want to change things up often so I wanted a very neutral background palette.  I’m a big fan of throw pillows, slipcovers and soft furnishings, but the other way I really like to change things up is with wall art.  Whether it’s wallpaper, prints or posters, artwork is an amazing way to switch up your space seasonally or whenever you feel the need for a change.

Last year I discovered Photowall, an amazing company that offers both mural wallpaper, canvas prints and posters.  We have a small den that’s really just an extra guest room, and I wanted sort of an equestrian, rustic vibe.  So I ordered this lovely canvas dressage print to hang over the TV.  And now it’s so funny because my husband has started calling the den “the stall” and honestly in winter we spend all of our time there, even though we have other, bigger rooms, it just feels so cozy and the horse print is so beautiful, we get a huge kick out of it.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered my canvas print, so when a smaller box than I expected showed up, I thought something might be wrong, but no.  The amazing thing about Photowall’s canvas prints is that they ship them to you with the canvas rolled up, and a kit that comes with a frame and you assemble the print yourself.  I’m not too much of a DIY girl but honestly, it could NOT have been easier to put this together.  Basically all you have to do is glue together the pre-cut frame and stretch the canvas over it.  It comes with everything you need and trust me if I could do it, you can too.  And it’s better for the environment to not be shipping huge boxes all over the place too I think.

One of my favorite cities to visit is Copenhagen, Denmark (and next time I go back I’m bringing an extra suitcase just for shoes!).  So I love this Copenhagen canvas, every time I look at it it reminds me of one of my favorite (okay let’s be honest, it’s my favorite) cities in the world.

Sometimes I like to use hanging wall art as a leaning accent, I haven’t quite decided what to do with this one so for now I love the way I have it leaning and peeking out from behind this chair.

One of my favorite interior design tricks (coming from someone whose husband does not like deep, dark, dramatic colors), is to use artwork to add your selected color to a room.  I would paint my office black if I could, but I can’t, so instead I found this vintage vessel canvas that lets me add some black onto my gray walls.  I also like the rustic vibe as well.

Besides canvas prints and posters, the other thing that Photowall offers is wallpaper murals.  I chose my dressage horse because I loved the black background, so striking.  So imagine how amazing this equestrian wallpaper would look.  Say you don’t love your wall color, and want something darker, but don’t want to commit to painting.  This would definitely add a deep, moody vibe to your space, and just like with the canvas prints, the wallpaper is available in custom dimensions, so you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to sizing, you can pretty much custom order whatever size print or wallpaper that you want.

You can see how this dark Meadow Flowers wallpaper adds a dramatic flourish to a simple bedroom.  I haven’t put any wallpaper up yet but I can only assume that it would be easy given the simple, clear instructions and assembly kit of the canvas prints.

They have so many different collections and subjects too, and they’re not at all cheesy like some artwork purveyors, trust me i am super picky when it comes to wall art and I am impressed by Photowall’s collection.  They also have really easy sort and filter options, you can sort by color, style, format and subject, I’m also a big fan of city art, I live in a tiny town in New England on a dirt road so I always appreciate a virtual visit to the big city ha ha, I’m loving this NYC subway canvas right now.

I really didn’t know what to expect from Photowall, but I absolutely loved their options, and they were nice enough to give me a coupon code which is shari20 it will be effective for one month, and you will be so happy you did!