I’ll be honest. Spring is my least favorite season in Vermont. And I use the term “spring” loosely because we don’t really have one. Yes, the blooms start, with the forsythia and then those smart enough to plant daffodil and tulip bulbs, and then everything else comes, but our trees are still sticks, and the weather is still biting cold.

I absolutely love winter, and will gladly ski in -10 degree temperatures (I might even get warm enough to take my jacket off when I sweat ha!), but once the snow is gone and you can’t ski, well, count me out. It’s weird because the rest of country is all “Spring has sprung!” and we’re still huddled in parkas, and don’t even get me started on the rain and sleet (April showers may bring May flowers but what does pouring cold rain during the whole month of May get you?!). Anyway, you can still definitely get some lovely vistas, just be sure to be wearing your winter coat when you do! All hail July!