Stowe, VT

Well Summer 2021 has been a bit of an improvement over 2020 I would say, we were so lucky in Vermont last summer that Covid really died down here so we got to do some in-state traveling and play a lot of golf. But the fear of the pandemic still was hanging over our heads, so this year with the vaccine it’s been so much better, mentally!

Vergennes, VT

We did not do any traveling this summer except a short trip up to Lake Placid, which we really enjoyed except it rained the whole time and there was lots of construction so we didn’t get to see the Olympic ice rink, but we saw the ski jumps (and a 7 year-old kid already training into the swimming pool – amazing!). I would love to get back up to Lake Placid in the winter, as you know I love Nordic skiing and there are premiere cross-country trails up there from the Olympics, plus some fabulous shopping and restaurants!

Danby, VT

And as we are building a house this summer up in Shaftsbury, we didn’t even do all of our regular Vermontly driving around, I had a beautiful, long run one day in Danby with my friend (who is actually my dentist ha ha there are so few people here when you find a cool person you definitely make a point to hook up!). And we went to the Bondville Fair, and we also found a wonderful new restaurant our friend’s cousin owns up in Dover called The Last Chair, it’s definitely après-ski but super fun in summer too with a nice porch and great food too!

Wilmington, VT

We ate a lot of ice cream this year once again, and played tons of golf even though it was a very wet summer so humid and lots of gnats, not the most fun time to play!

Lake Placid, NY

We went to the Washington County Fair over in Greenwich, NY which was a great county fair, we put up our friend’s above-ground pool, did some barbeques, climbed Stratton Mountain, drove to amazing Deerfield, MA (post on that coming soon!), played golf in Massachusetts with some family, and just generally did what we could on the sunny days!

Rain is the absolute worst in Vermont, it’s a pretty boring state without a lot of shopping or restaurants, that kind of thing, so if there’s snow on the ground, you can ski, which is all I care about in winter, but if it’s summer and it rains well, you’re really stuck inside staring at Netflix just like the rest of the world. So we had a lot of cool, rainy days here this year and a lot of staying cooped up, I hope next summer has better weather, but I think you would say we made the most of it either way!