My other Christmas post was sorely lacking in big red barns, and you can’t have a Vermont blog without a red barn! All instagrammers know that if you see a big red barn you’ve got to stop for it, and luckily, there is no shortage of big red barns in Bennington, a lot of which I can reach on foot!

So while we were down in Florida for the bulk of December, we arrived in Bennington on Christmas Eve, just in time for a maple latte from Lumberjack Coffee (check on my post on Hoosick Falls if you want to know more about Lumberjack, it might not be in Vermont but it’s hands down the best maple latte in Vermont if you feel me!). My good friend Flo actually went and did my grocery pick up for me, and when we finally got home around 2 or so, we had lattes in hand and a fridge stocked with groceries so I could cook our Christmas meals.

Now here’s the thing about Vermont. As I’ve said before, it’s not just about the leaves and the maple syrup and the snow and the red barns. It’s about the people. When we got to our door, our next-door neighbor had put up a festive Christmas wreath and card for us. As she said “You can’t just come home for Christmas and not have a wreath.” Can I get an awwwwww??? And then not only did Flo pick up and deliver my groceries, of course she left a whole array of treats: her husband’s homemade spicy Chex mix, ten thousand kinds of Christmas cookies, a special Polish Christmas bread for our Christmas morning meal, and actually a bag of Lumberjack coffee (everyone here loves that place trust me). It was cold and dark when we arrived, but my heart was warmed by the goodness of our friends and neighbors. It’s the Vermont way, you know.