When I first got to Bennington, I used to joke that it was “dangerously close” to New York State. But, as it turns out, New York State is not New York City, and now I’m actually grateful for the proximity of New York (lol hello Crossgates Mall!). I could literally run to New York, just out Rte. 9, and I plan to do that this summer in fact, I’ll just run to the state line, take a selfie and come back lol. So in our travels out and about, we’ve had time to check some of the hot spots in Hoosick, New York. Hoosick (ya out there, apologies to Jadakiss), is right across the state line, so it’s hardly even a trip, but it’s worth the trip.

So first of all, if you’re coming from The Shires, you have to stop on the way there or back for a maple latte from Lumber Jacks Coffee. It’s a drive through which is super convenient for NY leaf peepers, expect a line during foliage season, but it is on point. Don’t forget a cider donut (how could you forget a cider donut?!).

One of my favorites is the Brown’s Brewing Company Walloomsac Taproom. It’s in an old mill, or factory, right on the river, and it’s gorgeous. The food was great, just basic pub fare, but even if it was mediocre, the amazing view makes it totally worth the drive. It’s a great place to go with friends or out of town guests for a nice, leisurely lunch. We were there in October and they had free roasted s’mores set up outside. Need I say more?!

And my friend introduced us to Man of Kent Tavern. It’s funny because my husband said, “I always wondered what that was, every time we drive by it’s jammed.” This is a really traditional British pub, and it is so. much. fun. Once again we went for lunch, it was jam-packed but they turn tables fast and you can grab a drink at the bar. Everyone from hunters in from their morning outings to CT hipsters was there, it’s a varied crowd and super lively. It’s one of those places where there are ten thousand little things to look out, and it’s really cheerful. It was too cold to sit outside but they have a fab deck overlooking the river for warmer months.

I had the grilled pastrami and it was amazing, like, legit pastrami, thick and delicious. Greenie had the fish and chips. I could have sat there all day, but there were people waiting so we left. There’s a couple of diners in Hoosick too, but nothing special I wouldn’t say, just somewhere to go that’s different if you want a change.

And I haven’t gotten a chance to go yet, but Byte Pizza looks amazing! They are really good on social media, and it looks like they have a lot of stuff going on at the weekends, so definitely check them out too if you’re over that way.

New York State is really beautiful in a way that Vermont isn’t, it’s weird, literally as soon as you cross the state line, the Green Mountains end and it switches over to rolling green farmland, and it’s just lovely. You can actually see farther on the roads because it’s just soft hills. I actually really like it, it’s quite lovely, and this fall I had to drive down to Westchester County and I went down the Taconic through Rensselaer and Columbia counties, beautiful! I can’t wait to get down there this summer and explore, pretty much every exit on the Taconic up here has like, 5 signs of things to do. I’ll keep you posted! What about you? Are you an ADK or Catskills kind of person? Any spots in the Capital Region we should be checking out?