This has been a truly amazing year for sunrises and sunsets here in Vermont!  Maybe it’s because we moved and now we have a wide-open west-facing field that I’ve noticed the sunsets more, or I’ve been more energetic and out and about on foot early in the morning for the sunrise in the surrounding farmland, but it has been truly spectacular!

When you live in Vermont, it’s early to bed and early to rise, I am literally often in my bed by 8 p.m. (I mean, granted I stay up and watch Masterpiece Theatre and read for a few hours to unwind) but still, I’m in pajamas!  And then it’s not unheard of to get up at 4:30 or 5 a.m., I woke up at 5:20 the other day and looked out my window to see two cyclists cruising up the hill, more power to them!  Everything closes early here, it’s hard to go out to eat after around 7:30 or so, it’s just the Vermont way.  And as a confirmed early bird, I’m not complaining!

In other Vermont news, things are greening up nicely around here at last, we started early May with the forsythia bursting into bloom even though it was all still mostly sticks on the trees, and then the daffodils and tulips popped.  Our neighbors have a gorgeous daffodil garden, hundreds of them!  I complimented my neighbor and he said it was all his wife’s doing ha ha, I like that guy!  And now finally after a week of sun and some nice storms, the luminescent greens are truly starting to glow.  Stay tuned for more of Vermont’s summer beauty, or better yet, book a trip to come see it yourself!