So it was such a crazy story of how we found our perfect Vermont condo (yes I said condo ha ha my friends in Florida couldn’t believe that Vermont even had condominiums but yes they do!). Three amazing things have happened in my life so far (I mean, a lot of amazing things have happened but the top 3 are: getting sober (I quit drinking 14 years ago and it changed my life, I never talk about it but in short, I had a big, big alcohol problem and now I don’t, much to the betterment of myself and everyone around me lol), marrying my husband, Jim (aka Greenie) and buying a condo in Vermont.

My whole life I’ve loved New England, before I ever even set foot in New England, I just loved it. I loved books about New England (Sleepy Hollow, Salem witches, etc.), I loved pictures of New England, I loved people from New England, I loved snow, you feel me. So when I moved to Providence, RI after living years in New York City, I really felt at home and up till now it was my favorite place I had ever lived. I also met my husband in Providence, he’s from Boston and yeah, he’s kind of a Masshole but he’s softened over the years lol). I grew up in Atlanta, went to college at Emory, so the northeast was an abrupt change of pace, but it worked for. But life circumstances took me a lot of other places, even Dallas, TX for a hot minute, and I finally ended up living with my husband in Ft. Lauderdale at 45 years old.

However! One day last year I woke up and was like, we need to buy a second home in New England. Florida is nice in the winter for sure, but I have like, reverse seasonal affective disorder (for real ha ha!) and I literally dread summer, especially in the South. Crazy right? Anyway, I did a little research, we started in Burlington which is crazytown outrageous and a super tight real estate market, and one day my husband was like “hey what about Bennington?” We liked the fact that there was a college here (little tiny Bennington College where even the squirrels wear black *wink*), it’s close to NY, CT and MA, it’s cute, and the cost of living is super low here. So in June we flew into Boston, drove up through New Hampshire and over into Vermont.

My husband was first set on Woodstock and Queechee, but I didn’t want to live in a golf course community (I don’t golf), and I didn’t want to have to do my grocery shopping in New Hampshire. Waterbury was a disappointment (minus the ice cream duh), although maybe we didn’t give it a chance, and we absolutely loved Burlington (French television! Spontaneous mentions of Ovid! Lake Champlain!) but as I said, it was on par with Ft. Lauderdale or Miami (or hell even Boston) as far as real estate goes. So we drove down through Rutland (just, no), Middlebury (cute town, but not for us), Dorset (charming but too isolated), Manchester (too expensive) and landed in little old Bennington. And we had a bunch of house and condos to view with our real estate agent, but the condo we actually bought wasn’t even listed. We were seeing another condo there, and Greenie happened upon a FSBO notice on the community bulletin board. Just as we were pulling up, the seller zipped up too, and she showed us her place.

So, I’m here to say, I spent a total of 5 minutes in my house before making her an offer. Literally. 5. I just liked her so much, the unit had a great vibe, and the whole experience was just absolutely fantastic from start to finish.

Also, my other business is Little Blue Deer (I’m a graphic and website designer), and here I’m The Deer in the Shires, so clearly, I have a spiritual connection to deer, I just love them (and yes, I’m actually okay with hunting too, done humanely it saves deer from dying a slow and painful starvation death), and on the very first day we were here, I saw a beautiful deer, just staring at me. Another sign!

I believe in God, and I really feel like He guided me to our house, because it has just been absolute perfection so far. We love our condo, we love Bennington, we are so happy here and I love waking up and feeling like it was all so totally meant to be!