Vermont in the summer is the whole reason we bought our house here, to get out of the hot hot Florida heat! Summer is bangin’ in Vermont, second only probably to fall, and trust me, Vermonters make the most of it. We first came to Bennington the first weekend in June, and the town was kind of dead: no one was in the restaurants, the sidewalks were rolled up, we were concerned it was the end for Bennington. But our seller told us, and she was so right, everyone is out in the country!

Kayaking, hiking, biking, mountain climbing, this is what people in Vermont do when the weather is nice, they know they have to take advantage of it so they head out of town. I’m going to post some of my favorite local hikes and summer attractions, but by far my favorite thing to do in Bennington is eat! So if you’re here in the summer, make sure you take advantage of the seasonal dairy bars, because they close after Labor Day for the season.

Dairy bars in Bennington include Billy T’s (and just a note, the owners of Billy T’s also own the bowling alley, so you can grab some of their sweet treats year ’round at Bennington Lanes which is also super fun in its own right, go for Saturday night disco bowling).

The Tastee Freeze is actually my favorite, they have an awesome menu, and both of these are true dairy bars, there’s some scattered picnic tables but be prepared to take it with you or eat in your car. But the good news is, it’s not super hot in Vermont in summer so your ice cream won’t melt!

But my personal ice cream favorite is actually Stewart’s gas station. There are Stewart’s all over Vermont and upstate NY, and you absolutely cannot beat their Build Your Own Sundae for $3.59 (oh and get a scoops card if you’re going to be here awhile). I eat one a week, the people are so nice there and on a summer Saturday night, for better or for worse, it’s kind of packed and sort of a local hangout. Also, if you’re in Vermont, you better know what a maple creemee is. A creemee is actually a soft serve, to the rest of us, but if you want to be a true Woodchuck, order a creemee, they’ll know what you mean!