I need book recommendations! Whenever I move somewhere, I love to learn more about the history, and Bennington is full of amazing Colonial history. This is a short post, because I don’t even really have any book recommendations, I’m actually looking for some, so if you have any good (and by good I mean not pedantic and boring, even like historical fiction is great) book recommendations, I’d love to hear about them, leave me a comment below.

There are a few major historical sites in Bennington, The Old First Church, designated as “Vermont’s Colonial Shrine” which is also where Robert Frost is buried, the Bennington Battle Monument (just “the monument” to locals), the state’s most visited historical site, and the tallest structure in Vermont, it’s really cool and it looks like a mini Washington monument! You can see it from almost everywhere in Bennington so it’s an awesome landmark, and so exciting to be driving down Route 7 and see it rise up out of the mountains. And there’s also the Bennington Battlefield, where the Revolutionary War Battle of Bennington occurred, it’s actually in New York State but hey, that’s how it goes, I can literally run to New York so, we’re neighbors, ha!

I’m sure there is lots more historic stuff that I’m missing, so use the comment form below and fill me in!