I was a little concerned there was no real ethnic food in Bennington until we discovered beautiful Williamstown. I’ve been going down to the Berkshires a few times a week regularly, I actually thought I’d spend a lot more time going north but as it turns out, I’m much more likely to head to Williamstown or North Adams, and I’ve made some good friends down there too.

Williamstown is the home of Williams College (and just fyi, their team name is the Ephs, which, as it turns out is a cow, the whole thing is kind of funny but I feel so sure that “eph” is going to be a Jeopardy! question sometime and I just can’t wait). Anyway, there is a lot going on in Williamstown, and I think it’s because of the college. There’s the Williams College Museum of Art, and even more importantly, The Clark, which is well-known for its beautiful grounds and I’ll be posting more on that in the spring. MassMOCA is deserving of its own post, but it’s right down the street in North Adams as well.

But let’s talk food. When you live in a small town in Vermont, ethnic food is difficult to come by, so of course the first thing I noticed was that there are both Thai and Indian restaurants. So Blue Mango is the Thai one, and it’s really good like, on par with Ft. Lauderdale. And then there’s Spice Root, which is the Indian one (I am crazed for palak paneer, it’s my fave!). They’re right next to each other on Spring Street which is the main drag there, and it’s a nice change from all the meatloaf and tavern kinds of food they have in most small New England towns. Also Tunnel Coffee has good coffee and it’s a pretty cool student hangout, just keep in mind it closes early during the week, 7 I think, but it’s definitely my coffee stop when going between North Adams and Bennington.

I think my favorite thing in Williamstown though is Images Cinema. The first thing I do when I get to a new town is try to find the indie movie theater, and this is the one. I’ve seen a few movies there already including Museum Town which is an amazing documentary about North Adams and MassMOCA, and it has a pretty hip soundtrack too. But it shows independent film (duh), and a few other things to note, they offer blankets you can use, not that it’s cold in the theatre but it’s kind of a cute touch (though I’m afraid of bedbugs in movie theatres period much less from a communal blanket lol) and you can bring your own bowl for popcorn and they’ll fill it up for $4 (I would bring a bucket in there if I could, I love popcorn!). They have a nice snack bar and I think they serve wine and beer, it’s just a really nice little theatre experience and while they only show one or two movies at a time, it’s well-curated, and I love knowing it’s 20 minutes down the road when I don’t want to see the latest shoot ’em up in Bennington.

The real landmark for Williamstown is the First Congregational Church, and they have an amazing tag sale every fall, I think it’s mainly for Williams College students but trust me, it’s worth the trip down, bring cash and you won’t have to wait on line to check out, and drive your truck, they have so much stuff!

I just have gotten really comfortable in the Northern Berkshires, especially Williamstown and these are a few of my favorite highlights! Do you know Williamstown? If so, what do you recommend? Leave me a comment below I’d love to hear!