No one does small-town charm quite like Vermont! Vermont is known for it’s quaint, cheerful tiny towns, many of which only have one or two country stores and of course, a post office and town green or common, but their sweetness and beauty makes them worth the trip, even if they’re a little bit off the beaten path!

Some local faves in the southern part of Vermont include Manchester, Dorset, Weston (home of the Vermont Country Store!), Grafton and Chester. Woodstock is the classic Vermont destination for almost all of New England, and it has an abundance of charm, but with it comes an abundance of tourists! So I tend to prefer Grafton and Chester to Woodstock and Manchester in the fall. Of course I have access to these towns all the time so if you’re visiting Vermont on vacation they are do not miss destinations, but it’s always nice to see something a little more off the beaten path, too!

Whatever town you choose to visit in fall, be sure to stop in for a cup of cider or maple donut, Vermont needs support for our local economy and merchants and we love our visitors!