If you’re looking for a great place to get away from all the pandemic panic, Foxglove Farm in Leicester, Vermont is an amazing secret getaway. It’s a beautiful forested property owned by the lovely Mark and Catherine, who are really warm and friendly people but will also give you peace and quiet.

The property boasts their own home, a small farm of Christmas trees, a quaint cabin that “smells like pancakes”, fresh flowers, chickens and an amazing working sugarhouse.

Mark was kind enough to give us a safely distanced tour of his sugarhouse and let me tell you, it is absolutely pristine! This is truly a state of the art operation, and their syrup is just amazing, you can read more about my maple pie recipe I made with their syrup here, or just enjoy it on pancakes (bonus if they’re made with duck eggs!).

Anyway, they have many fantastic photos of the cabin on their website that you can visit here, if you need to get out of the big cities and take a break, be sure to consider this amazing spot today! Normally it is very booked up but there may be a chance you can still get in so don’t hesitate, it will do wonders for your heart and soul!