On our quest to get out of the house in the winter, and not just hide out at home, we drove up to Grafton, Vermont for a special promotion offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. It was a day to try to encourage people to get out and enjoy winter sports: snow tubing, snowshoeing, fat tire biking (snow biking) and cross-country skiing among other things. Since we’ve really been wanting to cross-country ski we were especially excited (quite frankly because all of the rentals were free lol) and we figured we’d have a nice drive up even though it was a gray and slushy day.

It was held at the Grafton Trails & Outdoor Center which is a really nice private facility right there in Grafton. It was a nice setup, BCBS had a tent with hot chocolate and all their info, the only disappointing thing was that there wasn’t enough snow to cross-country ski, so we decided to snowshoe since we had our snowshoes anyway. The snowshoe trails were great, they are pretty extensive and there’s several levels, it’s on the side of a mountain so it’s a pretty good climb, even on the green trails, and it was quite lovely even with the ground peeking through the snow. The snow cover was so low though that my husband actually hiked about a quarter of a mile not even realizing that he had lost his snowshoe! Luckily a nice group behind us picked it up for him, but clearly we are the kind of flatlanders who would die in a sudden snowstorm we have zero outdoors skills ha ha, hoping to work on that!

I will definitely be back, the Grafton Trails and Outdoor Center is really cute, it’s a pretty piece of property with a tubing hill, cross-country ski and snowshoe trails and, as you can see, sleigh rides (I was up on the trails and I heard the horse bells and I literally ran down the hill lol, all I could think was instagram, instagram, instagram!!). There’s a small ski lodge and the staff was super nice and friendly. I also think you get a deal if you stay at the Grafton Inn, which is included on their website above, where you get free admission to the center, but even if you don’t stay at the Inn the rates are super reasonable I think $20 for a full adult ski/snowshoe day plus $20 equipment rental (in fact that’s actually super cheap).

The other awesome thing about it was the drive up, it was just beautiful, you take Route 7 from Bennington up to Peru and then over through Londonderry, that’s where it does get a little hairy lol, you can also go up through Wilmington but if you take 7, you have to go on a dirt road for about 10 or 15 miles, and while it is very picturesque and where a lot of these photos came from, it is a dirt road and probably not safe during a bad snow or mud season. But if the weather is good it’s truly lovely and there’s lots of fabulous photo stops! Have you been to Grafton Trails, or Grafton? Do you have any recs? I’d love to hear them, leave me a comment below!